What can't be seen must be discovered

By Malak Raihani

Beauty. It’s a term we’ve heard all too many times. But how do we see it? Where can we find it?

There’s a proverb in Arabic that goes “a women’s beauty isn’t seen its discovered.” A woman’s beauty lies inside of her, in her thoughts, her intentions, her tenderness and her strength. It takes time to reveal itself. It’s in her very fabric - the substance she is composed of. The surface - something we’ve all become very obsessed with today - doesn’t always reflect this. But in certain raw moments it does. And those moments - those are the golden ones. When a woman is so beautiful in the inside - it explodes, spilling over her appearance. And I can’t help thinking of my mom as I say this. Because nothing means beauty to me like my mother. You can’t help but notice her joie de vivre the second you meet her. It’s like she has a deeper understanding of life recognizing its beauty even in moments of ugliness, finding strength in moments of weakness, and bringing light in moments of darkness.

As I grow older, I no longer aspire to be a billionaire, or have houses all around the world - although that still sounds pretty nice. Instead, I aspire to be like my mother - to have so much beauty inside of me that it can’t help but shine on to others. So, what is beauty to me? It’s something that we each slowly discover.