All photography by Rebecca Santos Siegel and Bennett Smith

Empowering a woman can empower a whole community.

Beauty Within has impacted over 300 girls in four separate countries. To date, 85% of Beauty Within alumni have attended and graduated high school. The Beauty Within curriculum is designed to educate, empower and encourage young women to advocate for themselves and each other in the face of extreme external obstacles. Beauty Within has scaled to reach seven disparate communities in the Philippines, the UK, India, and Mauritius.

Our Mission

Beauty Within aims to educate, empower and engage young women by encouraging healthy goal setting and providing strong female role models within a community. By lifting up girls at this age, the Beauty Within program builds their lasting sense of self and the confidence to be different, to be bold and to be brave. 

The Beauty Within workshop was the first time the girls at Kilkhari felt like they could seek support about the difficult issues they encounter every day, without judgment or consequences.
— Sehr Taneja, President, Nayi Udaan